Ona Lemon Pack - Cleanser Offered

For any purchase of an ONA diffuser, you are offered a diffuser cleaner valued at $9.95.



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Pack description

ONA is a nebulization diffuser. Thanks to this innovative technique, the preservation of the aromas and therapeutic benefits of your oils is guaranteed.

It is also environmentally friendly as it is made of bamboo and 100% biodegradablematerial.

Its pulsed air pump, can diffuse on surfaces of up to 100m2, its steerable cap will allow you to select the direction that suits you. This powerful diffuser can diffuse microdroplets for several hours and also has a diffusion power dimmer.

Ona is eco-designed. This diffuser was made from eco-materials such as bamboo fiber and wood.

Pack content

ONA lemon diffuser

ONA [by EKOBO] is a cold nebulization diffuser,so it offers the best technology forspreading essential oils!

It thus preserves their aromas and their therapeutic benefits.

ONA Lemon en situation

The cold diffusion of the essential oil diffuser ONA by EKOBO does not require dilution of oils with water or the use of temperature that could degrade oils.

The ONA diffuser incorporates a medical air pump in its wooden base and a mouth-blown glass diffusion chamber at the top.

The outer shell of the product was made from an eco-designed material made from bamboo fiber clumped by a corn-based glue. ONA has an electronic power dimmer to adapt its diffusion to your needs.

Cleanser for diffuser of essential oils by nebulization.

Using this cleanser regularly guarantees a long life to your diffuser by nebulizing.
In case of persistent dust or dirt, spread this mixture for a quarter of an hour to allow the impurities to dissolve.

Contain: 30 ml.

Using this cleanser regularly guarantees a long life to your diffuser by nebulization!

This cleanser simply diffuses in place of your essential oils and effectively cleans your glassware (nebulizers).

It emits a fresh lavender smell.

You can use it between scatterings of two different essential oils to avoid odor mixtures. This cleanser is also used when essential oil has dried at the bottom of your glassware that has been left unused for too long.

This nebulization essential oil diffuser cleaner is reusable!

Contain:30 ml.

COMPOSITION: Alcohol denat, lavandula burnatii, coumarin, geraniol, limonene, linalol.
100% pure and natural essential oil
Components naturally present in essential oils.