Tivalia: Box 3 essential oil inhaler

This set of 3 coloured inhalers allows you to take with you the boost you need every day: invigorating freshness, relaxation or energy.

A gift box that will delight all those who dream of discovering the benefits of aromatherapy: it is the simplest possible use of essential oils!

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5 10 Tivalia: Box 3 essential oil inhaler
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Why choose this product?

A dose of well-being always at your fingertips? Yes, that's what this set of 3 inhalers offers. A deep breath and... the relaxation, energy or power of the great outdoors invade you, wherever you are.

The 3 inhalers of different colors each carry a small symbol to help you regain your favorite essential oil synergies at a glance.

Need energy to deal with a slack? Place a few drops of peppermint essential oils on the cotton wick of your "rocket" inhaler. Take a deep breath and you'll be through the marathon of your days more easily.

Want to get calm again? A few drops of Zen or Citrus synergy on the cotton wick of your "meditation" inhaler and you fill up with serenity at any time of the day

Need to take a deep breath behind your mask? Pour a few drops of The Breath synergy to take full advantage of the respiratory virtues of essential oils. Your Bird inhaler allows you to take advantage of the power of the great outdoors to cope with the little winter ailments.

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