Welia : diffuseur par ultra-nébulisation

Change your essential oil in a flash

Choosing an essential oil to regain your energy and suddenly want to relax in the face of a stress attack? Opting for a soothing synergy and suddenly need a breathing boost?

The Welia diffuser has been designed to simplify the lives of those who enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. No need to empty and clean it between two essential oils or two synergies!

It diffuses directly from the bottle positioned vertically and so remains perfectly clean, always ready to adapt to your changing requirements.

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Why choose this product?

You won’t be able to do without this lightweight, designer diffuser whose battery makes it portable so you can take it with you into any room in the house over the course of several days!

Simple and intuitive, the Welia diffuser offers the best of aromatherapy thanks to its 2 diffusion modes.

It diffuses essential oils by ultra-nebulisation: the microdroplets are dispersed cold to retain the integrity of all their benefits. They stay in the air longer so you can enjoy the effects of aromatherapy.

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