Nalia: diffuser of essential oils by nebulization

NALIA - The eco-designed nebulizer

Relax, refuel, breathe better or sleep better... The power of essential oils is almost limitless! And this diffuser has been designed to make the most of it for you. Eco-designed in wood and glass, it diffuses essential oils by cold nebulization to preserve their full benefits.

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Why choose this product?

The Venturi effect makes Nalia particularly effective: you breathe in the microdroplets of essential oils in just a few minutes. Compact and silent, its discreet and elegant light play accompanies the diffusion.

Why choose Nalia?

It is the ultra-efficient and discreet diffuser that goes from the bedroom to the living room to enjoy the effects of aromatherapy all over the house and always discreetly!

Made of wood and glass, its noble materials and timeless shape have been chosen to last a long time. A eco-designed nebulizer that allows you to stream (for 5 hours) or intermittently (for 10 hours) your favorite essential oil synergy in every room of the house, even the largest (up to 100 m2)!

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