Inalia: BLUE Inhaler diffuser

Inspiring the power of well-being!

Sometimes it only takes a deep breath to relax, concentrate or breathe better... By depositing a few drops of essential oils on the cotton wick, this inhaler gives you a boost and gives you the benefits of your synergies in a simple breath. Nomad, durable (in aluminum guaranteed for life) and efficient (perfectly airtight), it preserves the quality of your essential oils and offers you a diffusion both immediate and powerful.

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Why choose this product?

Whether you're new to aromatherapy or want to have your favorite essential oil synergy at your fingertips for the working day marathon, this nomadic inhaler gives you the freedom to enjoy a bespoke wellness at all times.

Its simplicity of use makes it the preferred broadcaster for families!

Designed in aluminum that is strong, durable and efficient (guarantees the integrity of your essential oils), this inhaled diffuser reconciles ease of use and design with its floral pattern and two colours to choose from.

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