Car diffusers

Discover our range of essential oil diffusers for cars. Different models of car diffuser exist: from the USB port diffuser to the car clip,through the cigar light diffuser.


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    Whether you're going on vacation or going to work, Aroclip offers you the medicinal and refreshing benefits of essential oils with ease. You will enjoy a healthy and pleasant atmosphere in your car. Its very affordable price and its particularly easy use will make this object a pleasant companion.

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    Evalia Diffuser for Car in Grey Aluminium


    Bulia is a diffuser of essential oils on USB port or Murale 220V socket that diffuses from the bottle without removing the dropper.

    Its new exclusive ultra-nebulization technology is the best solution on the market to benefit from aromatherapy.

    Thanks to its ultra-nebulization technology, Bulia is the first mobile diffuser on the market that disperses essential oils into the atmosphere in extremely fine micro-droplets. Thus, the molecules of essential oils remain suspended in the air for hours to release their benefits for a long time.

    Comes with its USB/220 volt electric adapter, it connects to a wall electrical outlet or USB port.