Extend your broadcaster's warranty for up to 5 years

By purchasing your broadcaster on Aroflora.com you benefit from the possibility of taking out a warranty extension and extending the legal guarantee by 3 years. With Guarantee Extension, you benefit from 5-year insurance that allows you to buy and use your diffuser in complete serenity.

A 2-year guarantee or a guarantee extended to 5 years allows you to benefit from the same warranty rights.

What does the Aroflora warranty cover?

In accordance with our legal obligations, all products are covered in the event of a breakdown or malfunction. The warranty also applies to non-compliance and hidden defects. It applies from the date the first user purchases the product or the delivery date to the first user if it is after the date of purchase.

The Aroflora guarantee does not cover

The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from an external cause of the product (e.g. an accident or shock), a job, installation or connection that does not conform to specifications, use that is detrimental to the proper preservation of the product resulting in its degradation, commercial or collective use, the use of improper devices or accessories, a case of force lightning, storm).

See the terms and conditions of sale for a comprehensive description of what is not covered by the Aroflorawarranty.

Returning a product

If the problem is addressed as part of our warranty policy, you will benefit from a replacement of your product by the same. In the event of a stock outage or a production stoppage of the range, you will be able to choose an equivalent diffuser or the range just above the one you bought. The new broadcaster will be sent with the shipping costs at our expense. As part of our relationship of trust with customers, we inform you that in the event of a breakdown, there is no need to return the product to us. In this way, we avoid emitting carbon through unnecessary transport of goods.

Repayment of defective product at nine

With the Arofloraguarantee, you are entitled to request a new refund (at the purchase price) of your broadcaster.

How do I activate the Aroflora warranty?

If your product is covered by the Aroflorawarranty, then you must email us on the address sav@aroflora.com with, as an attachment, the following:

  • The invoice that proves your purchase of the product on Aroflora.com
  • a photo of the defective product if it is broken (for example, in the case of a glassware delivered in poor condition) or a video if the diffuser is down
  • a written description of the problem

Why Choose Guarantee Extension Aroflora

For example, you bought a Neolia diffuser on aroflora.com. Three years after the date of purchase of the diffuser and for no reason due to misuse of the diffuser, you realize that the engine no longer works and that no essential oil is released. In that case, it is probably an electronic problem. So you're covered by ArofloraWarranty Extension. After sending the purchase bill, a video proving the broadcaster's malfunction and a written text explaining the problem, at sav@aroflora.com,you have the choice between receiving a new Neolia broadcaster or being refunded at a new one, i.e. 79.95 euros.