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    Discover the Mistral rechargeable misting fan, your solution for instant freshness in all circumstances.

    Versatile and portable, it is perfect for outdoor activities, travel and daily commuting.

    Add essential oils for a fragrant breeze. Easy to use and rechargeable via USB, it offers up to 8 hours of battery life.

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    Lilia is a mobile diffuser of essential oils on rechargeable battery. Lilia diffuses directly from the bottle of essential oils, without adding water or removing the dropper.

    Its new exclusive ultra-nebulization technology is the best solution on the market to benefit from aromatherapy.

    Thanks to its ultra-nebulization technology, Lilia is the first mobile diffuser on the market that disperses essential oils into the atmosphere in extremely fine micro droplets. Thus, the molecules of essential oils remain suspended in the air for hours to release their benefits for a long time.

    Comes with its electric charging base, it connects via its USB cable on its supplied charger.

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    Lealia, the jewel diffuser for decoration

    A diffuser that boosts both your well-being and the decoration of the home? This is the challenge taken up by the broadcaster Lealia. Its trump card: its sleek design dressed in natural materials.

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    Fox, the most adorable broadcaster to adopt

    €44.90 €59.90
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    Mistilia is a portable ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils and floral waters.

    Thanks to its rechargeable battery operation, the MISTILIA is ideal for driving, in the office or on holiday.

    MISTILIA diffuses the floral waters into a fine moisturizing mist for your skin while facilitating the action of their active properties to relieve sunburn or shaving burn, remove make-up, etc.

    MISTILIA comes with its USB connector.

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    Lisalia, the goodnight diffuser

    Fall asleep lulled by the soothing softness of essential oils?
    Lisalia's 4 programs allow you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy when you fall asleep. Its delicate mist humidifies the air in the room for comfort, and its enveloping light prepares you to slip into a serene sleep.

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    The ELIA essential oil diffuser stands out for its original design and attracts attention when it diffuses essential oils in a soft mist, delicately illuminated by light lighting effects.

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How to choose your essential oil diffuser?

Aroflora offers a wide range of diffusers: from ultra-nebulization diffusion to misting to cold ventilation, there is something for everyone! To choose the right diffuser, there are several important points to take into account, such as the mode of diffusion and its aromatherapy performance but also the indoor surface to be covered, its design, the price...

Why choose Aroflora?

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We are convinced that aromatherapy can improve everyday life. This is why we have been putting our expertise to the service of diffusing essential oils for more than 10 years. Our diffusers are guaranteed for 5 years, respectful of nature and provide all the benefits of diffusing essential oils.
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