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Essential oil diffusers

Aroflora offers a wide range of essential oil diffusers for all tastes, all budgets and every type of use! From the portable ultra-nebulisation diffuser to the luminescent mister (ultrasonic diffusion), you’ll find the one you need on our website. To help you choose, we have produced a comprehensive guide on the subject.

Still undecided? Check out our advice below or contact us directly via chat.

Ultra-nebulisation diffusers

The technology for diffusing pure essential oils direct from the bottle.

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Nebulisation diffusers

Perfect for enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy.

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Ultrasonic diffusers

Diffusers perfectly designed to create a pleasant olfactory atmosphere.

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Gentle heat diffusers

Silent diffusers made of noble materials, perfect for small rooms.

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Ventilation diffusers

Diffuse your essential oils cold simply and effectively.

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Portable diffusers

Enjoy your essential oils wherever you are.

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Diffusers for your car

To naturally perfume your car interior.

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Perfume necklaces

To carry the benefits of essential oils with you at all times.

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How to choose your diffuser?

There are several important points to consider when choosing a diffuser.

  • The mode of diffusion, which is the essential feature because it influences all the other points
  • Its aromatherapy performance
  • Its design
  • The diffusion area to cover
  • Your budget

If you are looking for a diffuser for the therapeutic virtues of essential oils, your choice should be directed more towards diffusion by nebulisation or ultra-nebulisationIndeed, these are the most technically and therapeutically efficient technologies. They diffuse pure essential oils, without diluting them in water. What’s more, they preserve the properties of your essential oils during diffusion: this is done using the venturi effect and disperses into the atmosphere numerous light particles of essential oils, which remain suspended in the air for hours, so you can enjoy their benefits for longer.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while producing a pleasant olfactory and visual atmosphere, ultrasound diffusion (or misting) is what you need. Essential oils are diluted in water before being released into the air. These types of diffusers are suitable for an average-sized room of around 40m2. In the same price and diffusion area range, you can also go for a ventilation diffuser. This simple and effective method of diffusion cold diffuses pure essential oils .

On the contrary, if your room is small, then the diffusion by gentle heat is just what you need. Robust and quiet, this mode of diffusion is perfectly suited for a room of approximately 20m2. And it’s great if your budget is tight.

Finally, if you’re looking for a diffuser that will be there for you every day (in the car, at the office, when travelling, on holiday etc), we offer a range of portable diffusers and necklaces to perfume (made of stainless steel and anti-allergenic). The rechargeable batteries or felt discs of the jewellery mean you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils in all situations.


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