The onA range of diffusers and its cleanser offered

The onA range of diffusers and its cleanser offered

Nebulized essential oils

The ONA essential oil diffuser provides you with the benefits of nebulizing pure essential oils. Thanks to the integrated pump and glass diffusion chamber, ONA propagates thousands of essential oil molecules into the air by venturi effect. The power adjustable with a simple electronic dimmer gives you the comfort of enjoying the therapeutic virtues of essential oils for a room of up to 100m2.

An eco-design diffuser

The ONA diffuser is made from environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo fiber, a mouth-blown piece of glass or a wooden base. This manufacturing process makes each diffuser unique and makes it a decorative and elegant interior object. Thanks to its eco-design, the broadcaster ONA has been selected by the GoodPlanet Foundation of Yann Arthus-Bertrand.


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