Neolia, the diffuser that revolutionizes aromatherapy

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The nebulization essential oil diffuser Neolia promises one thing: it will revolutionize aromatherapy.

On the one hand, thanks to its design but especially thanks to its Easyfuzz technology.

Easyfuzz technology allows to diffuse essential oils very simply, by screwing directly the bottle of essential oils on the nozzle as shown in the video,the product is ready to be used.

So we tested the product for you!

Neolia diffuser test

At first glance, what we remember is its design.

Indeed, the Neolia diffuser does not resemble other diffusers using the nebulization process, yet this is the case, in addition to being a design and ultra simple product, it respects essential oils!

As a reminder, nebulization is the purest process and the one that best respects essential oils.

The Neolia diffuser is therefore very design with a "techno" and sober side at the same time, it fits perfectly into each room. In addition, the big advantage of this product is that it does not contain glass, so it is less fragile than other diffusers by nebulization.

How do I use it?

  1. Screw the scattering nozzle onto the bottle ofessential oils. The dropper will have to be removed, but don't worry, this handling is not complicated, it will just have to do it gently and be careful not to drop a drop of oil.
  2. Clip the nozzle into the device.
  3. The diffuser is ready for the diffusion of oils. It was fast, wasn't it?
  4. Finally, simply choose the frequency of diffusion over a chosen period.

This video will show you how simple it is to use Neolia!

It's really super simple and no need to put oil back in a glassware or empty the excess afterwards... when I want to diffuse, I press "walk" ... and that's it!

We started the product for 30 minutes with a continuous diffuse for 60 seconds and then a pause for 60 seconds in a room of about 50 m2.

The diffusion is really nice, the air immediately smells good and remains fresh and light, we feel that the neolia diffuser respects the essential oils.

The 4 strengths of Neolia

  • No repeated maintenance of the product, we screw the bottle ofessential oils to the nozzle and that's it! no recharging or daily cleaning.
  • Its programmable interface allows us to adapt the product to our needs, for example as we chose to run continuously for 1 minute and then to take a break of 1 minute for 30 minutes, we can also choose to diffuse little but over a much longer time. For example streaming for 10 seconds, 30-second pause for 120 minutes. We love to have a choice and the diffuser adapts to everyone and in every room!
  • We also do not care about the bottle of essential oils, the product is not captive ie that the majority of bottles of essential oils found on the market can be used. That, too, is good news.
  • Finally, as already expressed, the product is design and thanks to its cold diffusion by nebulization, the Neolia respects essential oils.

Neolia in action!

No doubt, you too will like this product!


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