Mistilia Floral Water Diffuser Kit - Damascus Rose

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Mistilia is a portable ultrasonic diffuser of essential oils and floral waters.

Because of its rechargeable battery operation, the MISTILIA is ideal for driving, at the office or on holiday.

MISTILIA diffuses floral waters into a fine moisturizing mist for your skin while facilitating the action of their active properties to relieve sunburn or shaving fire, make-up removal, etc.

MISTILIA comes with its USB connector.

Mistilia diffuse des huiles essentielles en voyage

Mistilia is the first portable ultrasonic diffuser suitable for floral waters and essential oils

Do you like to spread your essential oils and floral waters wherever you go? Mistilia is designed for you:

Pour 10ml of water, a few drops of essential oils into the tank, enjoy a fragrant mist for 60 seconds. Rechargeable on USB port, ideal for driving, at the office or on holiday.

Ideal for floral waters,Mistilia generates a very fine and moisturizing mist for your skin. Choose the right floral water to relieve sunburn, shaving fire, moisturize your skin, facilitate make-up removal.

Our new spray bottles extend the best-before date and allow more hygienic use of floral waters!

The Damascus Rose Hydrolate (Damascus Rose) is known for its soothing properties for the skin.

Hormonal and nervous rebalancing, it is appreciated in case of menopause. Astringent, it is suitable for mature and dry skin.

After opening, keep cool and use within 6 months. Without a curator.

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200 ml