Comment utiliser vos huiles essentielles

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Find out how you can use your essential oils on a daily basis based on your goal.

Essential oils have the advantage of having a high spreadability (being composed of volatiles and lipophilias) and to make simple, depending on the desired effect, their nature and the dosage, they can be used in four different ways:

The broadcast

By pouring a few drops into a suitable essential oil diffuser, it is usually enough to turn it on so that it regulates and naturally diffuses the oil in 10-minute increments so as not to be exposed to diffusionfor too long. This is by far the simplest and most practical use to use the virtues of essential oils.



Most frequently we add a few drops ofessential oils to a bowl of hot water in order to breathe the fumes with a towel on the head to optimize the effects (as a grandmother would advise you to treat a good rum!). It is also possible to practice a so-called "dry" inhalation by placing a few drops on a clean handkerchief that will be breathed deeply.

The transcutaneous pathway (through the skin using baths or massages)

Very few oils can be used directly in contact with the skin (being very rich in phenols they can be particularly aggressive). However, once diluted in vegetable oil there is no longer any problem in applying it. For bathing, essential oils are not water soluble, they must be used with a specific dispersant (milk, egg, alcohol...).

The oral route

As with the transcutaneous route, it is not advisable to swallow essential oils without having previously inquired because some essential oils are toxic. On the other hand, this mode of use may be the most effective and be the most suitable route for "liver drainage".

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